Our Mission

ESI Trends is a leading provider of employee engagement surveys, workforce
studies, retention strategies and benchmarking in automotive retail.
We work hard “to make Automotive Retail a better place to work!”

Our Vision

ESi Trends is dedicated to becoming the Automotive Industry’s preferred
provider of employee engagement and retention services and predictive
research for automotive retail businesses.

Our Goals

Our goal is to move employees from merely satisfied to energized and believe
Quality of Work/Life drives performance in dealerships. We want to make
automotive sales and service careers a more respected choice for top-performing talent, as such we are dedicated to helping our dealer partners become Employers-of-Choice

Our Values

We believe in the power of values-based leadership. As a company, we work
to develop a customer-focused culture that is dedicated to exceptional service quality.

Going The Extra Mile

We go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. We expect our employees to promise only what they can deliver and always strive to deliver more than what they promised.

Doing It Right
The First Time

Reliability, accuracy and information integrity are critical to our success. We expect our employees to learn from their mistakes and take pride in doing things “right the first time.”


We expect every employee to be a “watchdog” in our efforts to assure confidentiality, and employee anonymity!

Open and Honest Communication

We encourage our employees to be open and honest when working with customers and each other while always honoring the “golden rule!”

Innovation and Creativity

Be early adopters and proficient users of technology. Develop cutting edge ideas and solutions to help improve quality of work life.

Team Spirit

Collaborate, support and listen to one another to achieve great success. Teamwork makes the dream work!