Cultural Transformation

Culture is defined by the actual practices and behaviors that are accepted or tolerated in the workplace.
Too often your culture is at odds with the your stated Mission, Values and Goals.  ESI Trends provides
tools and solutions to transform and sustain a Winning Culture.

Transform your workplace culture for Digital Retailing and higher performance.

Culture Assessment Surveys
Good or bad, every workplace has a distinct culture. How well does your culture align with your Mission, Values and Goals? We help you identify strengths and opportunities to build a Winning Culture.

Cultural Gap Assessment Workshops
Transformation requires an understanding of where you are today and a vision of where you want to go. Closing the gap takes planning and time. Our workshops and experienced coaches can help you successfully navigate culture transformation.

Mission, Vision and Values Workshops
Your vision, mission and values should describe what you want your culture to be. When the vision is cloudy and your team is not living your values, your workplace culture will be weak with no firm foundation. Our workshops and experienced coaches can help you clarify your vision and define what it means to “live our values.”

Digital Readiness Surveys
Whether you are taking the leap into Digital or No Haggle selling, we can help you get there faster. Our Readiness Surveys are designed to spot the roadblocks and potholes, so you can quickly lead your team to success.

Leadership Assessment Surveys
Our Leadership Assessment is for senior managers and department heads who want to communicate, connect and step up their game. Perception is reality. Do your direct reports see you the way you want them to, and how do you rank against your peers?