Culture Assessment Surveys

Your Vision, Mission and Values Describe What You Want Your Culture to Be.

Culture Is Defined by the Actual Practices and Behaviors that are Accepted or Tolerated in the Workplace.
Too often your Culture is at odds with the your stated Mission and Goals.

A Winning Culture Drives Winning Performance

Your dealership culture impacts productivity, engagement, retention and growth.

  • People Work Harder at Higher Performance Levels in Winning Cultures
  • A Winning Culture Gives You a Recruiting and Marketing Advantage
  • Winning Cultures Drive Higher CSI and Customer Loyalty
  • A Winning Culture Leads to Better Recruitment and Retention of Talent
  • Simply Put, Your Dealership Culture Drives Financial Results

Whether you’re a new GM or you’ve been leading for decades, it’s never too late to revitalize your culture.  Our Culture Assessment Surveys identify your cultural strengths and weaknesses.