Leadership Development

Strong leadership is a cornerstone of excellent employee engagement and retention. Typically,
dealership managers are not promoted based on leadership skills. Mostly, they get promoted based on
their sales or service performance, so leadership skills need to be trained and developed.

Help managers reach their highest potential, so they can LEAD high performing teams

Behavioral Assessments
Our Behavioral Assessments are for leaders who want to understand their leadership style to become better leaders. We can help them identify their strengths and improvement opportunities to create and manage high-performing teams.

360° Leadership Assessment Surveys
Our 360° Leadership Assessment is for senior managers and department heads who want to communicate, connect and step up their game. Perception is reality. Do your direct reports see you the way you want them to, and how do you rank against your peers?

Professional Development Planning
Professional success requires an understanding of your work style, strengths and challenges, combined with roles and responsibilities that really fulfill and inspire you. Our assessment tools and one-on-one coaching help managers develop a plan for their ongoing professional growth and development.

Team Development
Our Talent Assessment helps leaders understand their team, so they can coach them to their highest potential. Learn how to enhance your employees’ strengths and how to best improve their weaknesses.

Succession Planning
We can help you assess your employees to identify capable future leaders within your dealership and develop them for manager, department head or General Manager roles.